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Privacy Act Warning

Personally Identifiable Information contained in this system is subject to the 5 U.S.C. 552a, as amended, the Privacy Act of 1974 and DoD 5400.11-R, "Department of Defense Privacy Program." Personally Identifiable Information contained in this system may be used only by authorized persons in the conduct of official business. Any individual responsible for unauthorized disclosure or misuse of personal information may be subject to a fine of up to $5000. Executive Order 9397 authorizes solicitation and use of social security numbers (SSN's) as a numerical identifier for federal personnel that are identified in most federal record systems.

HIPAA Warning

Protected Health Information in this system is subject to Public Law 104-191, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 and the Final Privacy Rule and Final Security Rule codified in 45 C.F.R. ยง 160 and 164, DoD 6025.18-R, "DoD Health Information Privacy Regulation" and DoD 8580.02-R, "DoD Health Information Security Regulation." Information in this system may only be used and/or disclosed in strict conformance with these authorities. The US Army Medical Command is required to, and will apply, appropriate sanctions against individuals who fail to comply with its privacy policies and procedures.

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